Monday, September 03, 2007

The Joy of Leftovers

Blessed are those whose friends send them home with leftovers!

All right, it might not be found among the macarisms of Jesus but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

I am blessed to have known a number of fabulous cooks in my life, chief among whom is my BFF. For this blessed reason I came home with a huge chunk of grilled lamb last Wednesday evening. Now if "eternity is two people and a ham" (as aforementioned BFF has said more than once), one person with a huge bunch of lamb runs a close second. I have been enjoying the lamb but it was time for something different. (Thin slices of cold lamb with fresh pilaf is heaven but not for too many days in a row).

I thus decreed today to be Lamb Curry Day. [It is also, in the Roman Calendar, the feast of Saint Gregory the Great, a favorite saint of my BFF. The icon I wrote of said saint for said BFF is at the top of this post.]
Clockwise from top left: leftover lamb, yellow onion and garlic, cherry pepper*, caraway seeds, powdered turmeric, cumin, cayenne, sliced cherry tomatoes*, and a stick of cinnamon in the center. To all this I added ground almonds to thicken it, sundried tomato paste, a little bit of chicken bouillon (yes, I cheat, a bouillon cube and water heated in the microwave), sea salt, and some heavy cream.
My wings will undoubtedly be ripped off for not going out into the yard for a sprig of fresh basil to garnish the plate, but there you have it. Lunch.

I am so glad I learned to cook. Thank you Jesus and Holy Mother Mary. And all those cooks over the years, domestic, professional, and institutional.

Happy Saint's Day, Snooks!
--the BB

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