Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mad dogs, Englishmen, and certain bears

Today I went out into the yard for a couple of hours. In the midday sun. Wearing shorts. My recently infected leg may be in pretty good shape currently but both legs are pink now!

Today I planted a bare root fuyu persimmon tree, restored watering wells around plants after the wind and blow sand had done their endless dirty work, mulched some more, pruned dead material, and watered everything.

I am heartened to see tiny new shoots on a couple of the new bare root roses. There is lots of new growth on the potato vines, and I even saw a few scattered bits of pale green emerging on both grapevines! Both plums have lots of new leaves and leaves are beginning to show on the three peaches and the cherry. After the long brown winter there is green again. Woohoo!

Now to work on the sermon for Snake-handling Sunday.
--the BB


Jane R said...

Fuyu! Yum!

GREAT word verification: snerse.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Snake-handling Sunday??? This gives me pause, as I just finished reading "Salvation on Sand Mountain" by Dennis Covington...

Paul said...

I know nothing of the Covington book, ES. Today, in the lectionary, we had Jesus talk about being lifted up as Moses lifted up the brass serpent and the antecedent story of the fiery serpents from Numbers 21. That's why I called it snake-handling Sunday. Nice way to jump into the lessons and give everyone a good laugh. They know I'm an ex-Baptist, so I assured them (1) I was not THAT kind of Protestant Evangelical in my youth and (2) I had promised Mother Sandra, our vicar, that I would not bring any live snakes to church.