Friday, November 20, 2009

Jesus wept

Exodus International (no, I'm not providing a link) Sends Letter Opposing Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
While we do not believe that homosexual behavior is what God intended for individuals, we believe that deprivation of life and liberty is not an appropriate or helpful response to this issue.

While I disagree with a great deal of what they say in their letter, it is more of a protest than has been offered by any of the churches of the Anglican Communion except for the Anglican Church of Canada’s Council of General Synod (thank you), to our great Anglican shame.

You can read about this at Jake's place and Susan Russell's letter to the PB is here. I also commend to your attention another post by Susan about the study showing how U.S. conservatives have exported homophobia to Africa.

We can sign a petition here.

Civilized nations and churches should be rising up in united protest against the proposed law. Those who are being timid do have a point - protests may be deemed as one more example of Western interference in Africa. My response is "just what the hell do you call folks like Marty Minns and their money channels cozying up to Akinola and Orombi et al.?"


--the BB


BooCat said...

I have already signed the petition for all the good it will do, but I feel so powerless to stop this madness.

I am disgusted with the ABC and BP. Sentamu, who is Ugandan for goodness sake. But I am really angry at my own Episcopal Church. Where is ++Katharine? Where are any of our Bishops for that matter? Has even one made a statement against what is happening? If so, who might that be? And, where is the outrage from those breakaway parishes and dioceses that are operating under the auspices of some of these Archbishops who are supporting, no encouraging, the persecution and murder of their brothers and sisters in Christ?

Paul said...

Yes, I feel that my signing petitions is not likely to change much, but it is one step in speaking out and cumulative numbers bear witness. Nice to read today that Executive Council had enough people speak up that they will address it, though still over a fortnight away. Sounds like the people got restless with inaction from the PB's office.

As Leonardo Ricardo pointed out elsewhere, "make things worse" than what? Worse than death penalties for being LGBT?

Big sigh.

I look to the right of this blog and see the Iranian marchers who risked their lives to protest.

And we...?

susan s. said...

I'm pretty sure I signed. But just to be sure I will sign again.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...