Friday, December 11, 2009

Hannukah Sameach

This Hanukkah song is in Ladino, the language of Sephardic Jews, a variant of old Castilian with Hebrew, Arabic, and other influences. Easy to sing along (and understand if you speak Spanish).

OK, who's making the latkes and when should I be there? (I suppose latkes are more Ashkenazic but without them it ain't Hanukkah.)

h/t to Jane R who put this song up on FB.

--the BB


Earthbound Spirit said...

Members of our congregation who are of Jewish heritage are making the latkes for the annual family YuuleTime celebration (celebrating Yule, Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice, all festivals of light). Tomorrow evening, around 6pm, and be ready to shout "lotsa lotsa latkes," and dance the hora. Lots of other fun activities planned, too!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Well, I'm gonna hafta steal this one. I love it, and it IS easy to sing.

Paul said...

Earthbound, I so wish I were shouting, singing, dancing, and eating latkes with y'all. A blessed festival of light and multiplicity!

Earthbound Spirit said...

It was a blast, Paul! Lotsa latkes, and other good food. A hilarious story about the latke that wouldn't stop screaming "Oy, Oy, OY!" (that oil is hot, you know?), a cake in the shape of a Yule log, dreidel games, holiday songs, and over 200 gift bags filled with sample size toiletries for guests of one of the local soup kitchens. I went to bed last night very tired, but happy with how everything turned out.

Paul said...

How marvelous, Earthbound! I appreciate the report back on all you did and how it went. A blessed event for all involved.