Tuesday, December 22, 2009

They just don't care

Isn't it time that we all realized that a lot of these people just don't care? If all 45,000 of the people cited by that famous Harvard study who will die for lack of a decent health-care system dropped dead on his f**king lawn tomorrow morning, Joseph Lieberman would not CARE.

He would step over their bodies to get to a fundraiser. He is a vindictive, wretched sack of pus and all that will ever matter to him for the rest of his sorry political career will be settling scores and fluffing his tush in somebody's green room. There is no less excusable public man in America than this bitter old carny-whore;....
--Charles Pierce

Well, um, yes.

h/t to watertiger

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

He is a vindictive, wretched sack of pus...

I just wish that Charles Pierce would tell us what he REALLY thinks.

Diane said...

the way some evangelical Christians get around it is to say that the 45,000 number is inflated and a lot of "those people" don't really want health insurance.

And they should be free not to have it.

So, there's denial too.

Paul said...

I don't think the senators are in denial; they care more about their benefactors/overlords.

Let's not get me started on people being "free" not to have health carte or homeless people "free" to choose to be homeless or evangelical Christians who accept "free market" capitalism as the will of God while denying the consistent biblical dictates about our behavior toward the poor, the widowed, the orphan, and the alien. Brainwashed, perhaps, in denial most likely, but I ain't cuttin' them no slack.