Sunday, March 07, 2010

Le Weekend

Today we had the Gospel of the gardener pleading on behalf of a non-bearing fig tree, beseeching the master for one more year to dig a well around it, shovel on the shit, and see if it can't produce.

And this weekend I was working on enlarging my wells some more (with rain and wind they are always needing to be reestablished) and adding compost around my fruit trees, roses, and vines. I have a lot more to do, but I got some done while the weather was beautiful. The buds are swelling on all the fruit trees and I can even see hints of new growth on the grapevines. I believe I have seen all of three tulips sticking up their noses through the mulch.

I watered everything thoroughly either yesterday or today. And tonight it is raining (and, if I did not mistake the sound, there was hail for a while during the Oscars).

Three cheers for a woman being chosen Best Director! I also loved Sandra Bullock's gracious and embracing acceptance speech.

Yep, I veged on the couch watching the Oscars tonight.

--the BB

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