Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quick updates

Having visited Eliot's Ash Wednesday, I will turn next to Four Quartets but I just got a new copy last night, so there is a small hiatus in those reflections. Daily thoughts should return shortly.

While I do not blog at work, I have posted comments on others' blogs in between calls but that seems to have been blocked, so if you hear less from me it does not mean I am not reading and thinking of you or joining in your prayers.

Mark (Марко Фризия) sent me a note yesterday to say: "So many things to take care of and catch up with, but I wanted to contact you and let you know I was alive and still struggling." Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

The photo above is of a railroad overpass in Pinole, California, about 15 minutes from where I used to live.

--the BB


susan s. said...

More prayers for Mark.

Love that mural BTW. My husband is a train freak and he took me there last year.

author said...

Tomorrow at Ascension we're seeing a film that's a part of a Lenten series. It's Jungian really, intended to spark people thinking about archetypes... called Architecture of the Mind, I think. It's on Stairs this time (It's 4 parts, we've already seen Doors and Windows). I will think of Eliot's poem thanks to you