Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mis primos

My cousins on Dad's side of the family got together on Saturday. I was still here but the photos I have seen were great. The only thing that puzzles me is who are these old folks in the pictures? What is scary, of course, is that I do recognize them and we are mostly about the same age. Since I have not asked permission of the whole crew I will not post the photos.

Good time at church this morning. I got home rather late, after the picnic and some shopping, and was exhausted. BFF came over to help me eat leftovers this evening and we had a nice visit.

The flipping New Mexico winds are howling away again. My yard is so battered by them. And there is a bosque fire in southern Corrales tonight. Let us pray for the people and the animals and the homes in that area.

A good weekend. And I'm tired.

--the BB

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