Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you see any weeds?

I thought not. (Unless you count the "ornamental grass" on the left, which propagates with a vengeance through small hair-like devices that cling to everything. I call it "pendejo grass" because, well, the filaments resemble pubic hairs. The clump you see in the photo is not destined long for this life. Why people plant this vile thing I have no idea.)

Yours truly was on his knees under the mid-morning sun yesterday pulling weeds between the curb and the sidewalk. Yesterday evening I tackled much of the south side of the house. This morning I did the back yard and more along the side of the house. This evening I finished the south side and returned to the main front yard. Tumbleweeds have sprung up with an especial vengeance this year. Most of them were only half an inch to an inch high but they were uprooted one by one, ripped from the earth with my own hands.

The temperatures were hovering about 100 Fahrenheit and I do not want those who fear for my dehydration to fret. I, who normally never let water pass my lips, have consumed about four liters of it this weekend in addition to my usual wet chemical poison.

There are few muscles in my body who have not had something to say about all this.

But I have photos and the homeowners' association cannot say I did not clean up my weeds.

This weekend also involved visiting with friends on both days, preaching this morning, and catching a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream this afternoon. I am plum tuckered out.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

unless you have plastic under the rocks, a small butane torch does equally as well and is less tortuous on the bod... just sayin'...

in Oregon, we lived in a neighborhood that required 'grass' in the front yard.... we planted clumps like that tortured stuff... we didn't last long in that 'hood... ma and pa suburb we are not....

Paul said...

We do have plastic under the rocks. I can think of a great many things less torturous on my bod than what I did this weekend. The stretching was good for me, however. While I avoid toxins in my environment Roundup is next.