Monday, July 12, 2010

Nella cucina

Usually when I make home-made egg noodles from scratch they get cooked promptly. Since I began these rather late in the evening, they will not be cooked until tomorrow or the next night.

When I saw the pasta attachments for a Kitchen Aid last week I could not resist. I had been thinking of making this with my hand-cranked pasta maker but I must say, this is MUCH easier. Not much over half an hour from start to finish.

I added some sun-dried tomato paste to the beaten eggs before incorporating the flour. There is a hint of color and, I hope, will be a touch of flavor. Next time I try that I will use more.

I don't feel guilty about being lazy on the weekend but I am distressed about a couple of major items I forgot that cannot be put off. Anyway, this evening I did a touch of shopping (including the pasta rack), watered the yard, loaded and ran the dishwasher, vacuumed and mopped the kitchen, and made pasta. There was much wiping of the sweaty brow. And I began looking at some time-critical paperwork.

Tired now.

Sweet dreams, my tantalizing tuberoses.

--the BB


Ellie Finlay said...

That is just so impressive. I've never made pasta in my life. Wow.

The Cunning Runt said...

I'm a Pasta-Fail kinda guy, but it's good to know that SOMEBODY can do this!

Paul said...

Remember, I bought the modern labor-saving version of the pasta roller this time around. But yes, I used to do this turning the rollers by hand - many years ago. My grandmother made egg noodles and they were wonderful. All I can remember is them hanging on broomsticks to air dry. She must have worked her rolling pin to death.