Sunday, September 19, 2010

Le weekend

Yesterday was BBQ. Our monthly dinner group came to my place and I had a couple racks of ribs. We had appetizers, ribs, baked beans, salad, biscuits, and red velvet cake for dessert. Since I was not driving anywhere I had more wine than I usually do at these suppers. Lots of fun.

Church this morning followed by lunch with Bill and his father, Jack. I ask your continued prayers for Jack as the years finally catch up with him.

After lunch Bill and I talked about the Italian adventure next spring. Step one: set dates. Step two: flights purchased. Now to work on lodging, then what we want to see. Rome and Florence this trip. We moved Paris, Venice, and Ravenna to 2012.

Early this evening I was on my knees pulling weeds. I don't mind that I have to do this periodically but have I mentioned lately how much I hate HOAs? Yard Nazis, I swear. Do they really think I am going to let it grow into a jungle?

I am up later than I wish because I have been working on consolidating my notes on the hostages in my novel. I need to rewrite the scenes in which they appear. When I started this tale I had given them names and ages and not a lot more. Now I have their family trees and have determined at least their superficial physical appearance. As is the case with aristocratic families, there are lots of interrelationships. Since the tale is about a civil war, most families have members fighting on opposing sides. It gets very complex very quickly. I finally feel I can begin imagining scenes again. Whew.

Here are side-by-side charts of two hostages who are second cousins. They are also second cousins to one of the pretenders to the throne, though neither gives his allegiance to their cousin.

One of the joys of fantasy fiction, and probably of all fiction writing, is discovering more and more that you did not know when you started. Characters seem to reveal themselves to you, even if it is all springing from your own warped brain cells.

And now it is time to take my weary bod and aching knees to bed.

Sweet dreams, my playful platypi.

--the BB

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