Sunday, October 03, 2010

I need more practice

Here is a slice of apple pie I made yesterday. Filling tasty and crust flaky but, er, "rustic" in appearance. I did not put enough ice water in that crust mixture but I'm learning. It has been at least forty years since I made pies, so I have to learn the skills all over. I know the principles and I've watched lots of pies made. (Honestly, I was better at cakes and cookies and breads, but my pies weren't bad way back when.) So, more practice. And what a nice thing to practice.

I have also watched the first five episodes of Glee: season one this weekend. Fun. I'd seen scenes online but never watched the series. I'm definitely enjoying it.

Dogs, cats, birds, and horses were blessed at San Gabriel today.

For those following my tooth adventures, the area of the root canal (through a crown) finally quieted down. Now I have a sinus infection so though I feel better I don't feel well yet. What's especially sucky is that I have been on antibiotics since 24 September. My sinuses should be free, clear, and happy.

Onward. Have a great week, y'all.

--the BB


it's margaret said...

That looks like a fine pie! --and we made one this weekend, too.... only, I buy Pillsbury pie crusts not in the pan type --you are way braver than I.

Paul said...

Well, Margaret, as I have confessed, I used to make pies decades ago so there is no reason I cannot do it again. But it does take practice. I have been good about not overhandling my dough but the results have been what I call "rustic." My mother made awesome pies. I do remember she made the transition from scratch cakes to cake mixes (what a fall was there), though she used to make them from scratch. I love the intimate involvement with ingredients that one gets when not using mixes. But I don't cook often, though I am cooking about ten times more than I did four years ago.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Don't matter what it looks like, luv, despite all the talk about food presentation. The pie tasted good, and that's what counts.

I'm glad your tooth is better, but the sinus trouble is likely due to the zeal for planting in the desert by industrious gardeners. Now y'all have to put up with the plant allergies like the rest of us.

Having preached my sermonette, I do hope that you feel better from your sinus trouble. ;-)

it's margaret said...

Paul --Grandmere is correct --looks don't count honey!!! And, I have never baked a box cake --I do come from a hearty cake tradition, but I don't think I ever saw my mom bake a pie.... Now flan, bread pudding (but only with SF sour dough), and fruit crisp with oatmeal topping and chocolate --and sopapillas -- oh yeah babe!!!!

Paul said...

I quite agree and I am not embarrassed about the looks. But I want it to handle beautifully, which it did not, and I really would like it to look lovely. C'mon, I'm gay and presentation counts!

Bill made pumpkin pie tonight and we ate cheese, chiles, and crackers and got drunker as he made it while we watched. Omigod, it was heaven. Friends from Florida were visiting, folks we used to work with in Oakland.

Grandmère Mimi said...

You're gay?!!!

Paul said...

Oh, Mimi. I was sure you suspected. Well, yep. As a goose or a three-dollar bill.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


BooCat said...

On a plane, I once met someone from the Arizona Nature Conservancy who said three of the worst allergy offenders were mulberry and Russian olive trees and grasses. She said people with sinus allergy problems came from the Eastern U.S. to get away from all of that and practically the first thing they did was to plant mulberry and Russian olive trees and sod their lawns, bringing their misery with them. Worse yet, they brought their misery to all of you who had never had it before. Hope your sinuses get better soon, all of our fall allergies have just cranked up here in the South.

Paul said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts.

I have a friend here in town who suffers horribly when the mulberries bloom. And Bill got rid of most of his Russian olives but still has one at his gate, that I will be walking by tonight. This is the high grasslands on the edge of the prairies so I cannot say much about grasses.

Feeling marginally better today and trusting the newer mega-meds will knock it out.