Saturday, April 02, 2011

For Sister Ellie

We have a garden tour and all of you are invited, of course. But there is something special for Sister Ellie at the end.

I have planted three new fruit trees, two of them this afternoon. Not easy to discern at this point but you have the nicely leafy Rosie, my Santa Rosa plum, on the left. She was planted in 2007.

In the foreground is Panagia, the Panamint nectarine, planted today. She replaces the black Tartarian cherry that just did not make it through the winter (and had a very rough summer last year). In the background, just to the left of Panagia is Katy, the apricot (Katy variety). And the new tree with a stake tied to it is Babs, a Babcock peach. So these are the girls in the south forty.

In the north forty are some tulips. Here are some brazen parrot tulips. Love the splash of scarlet they add.

And the lilac that blooms by my back door. The three lilacs in front of the house are blooming too.

Some purple tulips that have bloomed in the past several days.

And finally an evening shot from earlier this week of Ellie, one of my two Elberta peach trees (the other is named Bert - yeah, I'm far more silly than original). Every since I started thinking of Sister Ellie whenever I am near or chatting with Ellie the peach tree I though we needed a post card, from Ellie to Ellie.

And here are some cream colored tulips.

That concludes our garden tour. I was lazy today so although I planted two fruit trees and a jasmine vine, the rest will have to wait. Time to bake a pie and get ready for our monthly potluck group.

I am alive and well, just have not been blogging a lot.
--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Pablito, your garden grows nicely. I'm amazed at the number of blooms in the desert. You have the magic touch.

Paul said...

Well, Mimi, we have not come to summer yet when it all languishes for a few months. And remember, these are very closely cropped photos. But thank you, I am glad you can enjoy them, as I very much enjoy your floral features.

Fran said...

How truly lovely, beautiful. We still have some snow on the ground here, the big, dark, icy bits that were plowed off to the side... they melt slowly.

I have some bulbs pushing up at last however.

Today we had Olga's funeral and the connection between the earth and what grows speaks more loudly than usual.

Paul said...

((((((( Fran, Mark,Erica )))))))

Chelliah Laity said...

What lovely pics.

it's margaret said...

Love this. God bless you.

TheCunningRunt said...

Beautiful, Paul - cropped or not!

We just did the first run at our garden, with the snow finally gone and the ground firming up. I'm psyched to put some time into it this year, rather than just letting things happen around me.

Thanks for the inspiration (in so many ways!)

Ellie Finlay said...

Oh, gosh. How sweet.