Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greetings from Florence

Yep, after talking for three decades about going to Italy, El Cuervito and I are finally in la bella Italia. Walked over what must be 2\3 of Rome last week and now we are in Florence. Photos to follow after our return.

Buona Pascua a tutti!


Grandmère Mimi said...

For my Easter Day post, I'm using a the image of a fresco from Cell 8 in San Marco. Check it out.

Buona Pascua a El Cuervito e a te.

I'm not sure I have that right, but I'm sure you'll work it out.

Fran said...

Love to you and Easter Joy!

David said...

Wonderful news!
I've been remembering you both in prayers at being there, so it's wonderful to know you've actually made it!
Now whisper in my ear (no one else is curious enough to ask lol) what pray tell does El Cuervito mean? lol
Blue skies, endless wonder and miles of wonderful memories for the two of you, dear Paul

Bon retour- je T'embrace

TheCunningRunt said...

That's absolutely wonderful - I'm SOOO jealous!! Take plenty of pictures, and eat up! :)