Friday, May 06, 2011

First meal in Rome

Having made it to Rome on Sunday, 17 April, we braved the Leonardo Express from Fumicino Airport to the Roma Termini (not so bad) and the taxi from the station to the hotel (terrifying). We got a little bit settled and then walked up to the top of the street and around the corner to La Scala Ristorante/Pizzeria. There we sat outdoors on a glorious day, had our first true Italian pizza (nice!), and enjoyed this view looking down the block toward the Via Veneto. We went back to this restaurant at the end of our stay in Rome. Nice food, lovely wines, and the staff was easy on the eyes.

After lunch we took a walk down to the Piazza Barberini, viewed the Fontana del Tritone, then hiked up the slopes of the Quirinal Hill to le Quattro Fontane.

Me in front of the Fontana del Tritone, Piazza Barberini, Roma

Le Quattro Fontane, the Four Fountains, one at each corner of the intersection

I will discuss the museum and churches in another post. This, mind you, was our first outing.

On the way to Sta Maria della Vittoria we saw this imposing Moses at yet another fountain, recalling Moses striking the rock and bringing forth water.

Before that we had passed the Ministry of Defense. Rather a different feel than that of the Pentagon, don't you think?

And when we reached the Piazza della Repubblica we had our first gelato and rested a bit.

I still have to recount our first museum and church and that evening we walked to the Spanish Steps and back.

Battling jet lag all this week, not getting enough sleep, and trying to get over a cold, so I am slow posting photos. But they will come.

Ciao, amici!

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Ah, a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I remember the big Moses. I think there's another big Moses in one of the churches, but I forget which. I await more pictures and accounts of your travels.

Paul said...

I knew you would recognize this one, Mimi, since it is right across the street from St Teresa in Ecstasy.

it's margaret said...

Beautiful... beautiful! Thank you.

OMG --my wv: pokedher
Kid you not...!! --and you shouldn't have!

Chelliah Laity said...

Happy hols. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Paul said...

We had a great time, Jane.

Paul said...

Margaret, I didn't, I swear. We may have jostled in the metro but that was all.

Lindy said...

A great post, Paul. I can't wait for more. Take me to all the places I've never seen.

TheCunningRunt said...

If it weren't a sin, I'd be jealous - it's just so beautiful! :)

Jane R said...

You look happy. And the city, the city is bella, bellissima.

Fran said...

Wonderful all the way around.