Thursday, June 30, 2011

For Kirstin - upsdated with link

The butterfly prepares to rise and all creation cries, "Glory!" and "Alleluia!"

Update from Andee is here.

I love you, KP.

--the BB


David@Montreal said...

I love the picture of our Kirstin
Thank you for sharing it.
Is it possible it was her big brother Paul who gave her that particular arm-full.

love always- always Love

Paul said...

The Squid came from someone else but it looks like it could have come from my family.

Diane said...

thanks for the picture.

susankay said...

I am so glad she had the squid to hug. So many of us wished to hug her.

TheCunningRunt said...

God's love to her and all who are close to her. Her courage and grace have been such a gift to those of us who barely knew her.

Fran said...

I really thought that was something you gave to her... beautiful. We weep but she rises!