Friday, January 20, 2012

Writing again

If you see my Facebook posts you already know I have resumed work on The Lion Throne, the second tale in the Chronicles. I am currently working on two scenes where the wives and children respond to husbands and fathers out pursuing their claims to the throne. Stars, I pity them!

And yes, I love writing. It's been too long.

I will continue to cook but I hope this signals a shift toward better balance in my life. Writing is one of the most introverted things I do, though I love to read aloud or recount the tales to willing audiences.

--the BB


Michal Anne said...

so glad you are writing again!

Fran said...

I am dancing around my kitchen, in great joy! Write away!! Yes!!

David@Montreal said...

this is wonderful news
and as to the more-than-love of writing i understand completely

it- particularly the fiction- is often the most intimate act of me next to prayer- also the most hopeful

love alwats-always Love