Sunday, May 06, 2012

Heart thread - 05/06/2012

This is my niece Jannita who has just started chemo.  She has a good prognosis but we would all appreciate your prayers for her as her body goes through chemo and radiation.  She has five children and three grandchildren, with another grandchild on the way.  Many thanks for the prayers that have already come her way.  She was not keen on my taking photos but I know it is easier to pray when we can visualize.

I also ask your prayers for M. who is in rehab and has had a long struggle and for M's family.  And for K. and A. and N. and D. who have been working their way through lots of difficult tensions.

For the people of North Carolina as they vote on the hateful Amendment One on Tuesday.  And for all victims of oppression, prejudice, and bullying.

I give thanks for all who uphold me in prayer and who join me in remembering others.  You are a blessing.

--the BB

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TheCunningRunt said...

Prayers ascending for Jannita and her family, and for you, my friend.