Saturday, January 04, 2014

Nel giardino

Today was the fourth session of yard cleanup in seven days. The weekly garbage collection was yesterday, one day late because of a holiday, and the bin was full of yard detritus (three large bags of it) and some house trash.  A fourth bag had to wait.

Well, that bag was joined by two others today and the bin is already almost full.

The Lady Banks rose is vigorous, to say the least.  I am cutting it back severely, confident that it will cover that section of the wall once again come summer.

The sage is also vigorous.  If you ever want cooking sage, ask me during late spring, summer, or early fall and you can have lots.

In spring 2007 I planted two 3-inch pots of sage in this spot.  A couple of years ago I dug up a chunk for my friend Kathy.  The remaining plant is cut back to the ground every winter and returns as a large clump about 3 feet by 2 feet in size.

The plum tree was pruned a few days ago.  It gets thinned every year but is also quite vigorous.

I do not have comparison photos of the rest of the yard but it gladdens my soul to see it looking tidier as we head deeper into winter.  I still have work to do on two honeysuckles and several rose bushes.

And that is today's gardening report from Desert Farne. The temperature a short while ago was 39 degrees F.  That is the predicted HIGH for tomorrow with bright sunshine.  I might not feel like yard work.  We shall see.

Perhaps I should stay indoors and read, watch movies, and do some of the emotional pruning my therapist recommended for this week.  Getting down to the essential takes effort.

--the BB

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