Sunday, July 27, 2008

I might have expected this in Selena

Pray for New Orleans.  The girls are out on the town.

Yes, da goils went to da office again today.  Belle, being a BBW (big beautiful woman) found herself a big handsome man to flirt with and I shot this just after he patted her.  Such flirts.  I am beginning to worry.  Ever since their older sister Selena ran off with Taylor (the seal with the walrus), I have the usual paternal anxieties over losing my daughters to males I am not too sure about.  Ah well, you can't shelter them forever and you don't want to imprison them.

Besides, Belle turned 28 recently, so she's certainly of age and then some.

They are spending the weekend with Aunt Jennifer.  The latest paycheck just hit my bank account so I suppose I can come up with bail money if things get out of hand.  And I know where the bail bond places in NOLA are (really - don't ask).

I know, shame on me for assuming the worst.  My daughters are out having a wonderful weekend.  There will undoubtedly be shopping involved, but at least they have no credit cards that get mailed to dad.  Whether they tell me about any of it when I see them on Monday is another story.  Probably not.  So don't hold your breath.

May Selena and all our children find happiness and thrive.
--the BB

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