Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scrumptious Brunch

The road to my friend Diane's house

The wild turkeys who think they own the road and are sufficiently interbred with domestic turkeys to be terminally stupid

The very delicious frittata with strawberries from Bill's yard, blackberries that Diane picked not that many yards from where the table was set, canteloupe (my favorite melon), and green salad. We also had browned butter biscuits and plums I picked from my tree this morning.

Thunder rumbled as we sat down and we ended up moving under a porch. You can see why.

After the rain, the chickens came out.

Diane lives near the river, as you may guess by the greenness of the scenery (well, there is that dirt road and it had lots of mud puddles when I left).

Last night I had a teppan-style meal with Kathy. The laciest tempura as appetizers and tender filet mignon in teriyaki sauce for me, scallops and shrimp for Kathy.

Now if I could only extend the stay home for a couple more days.... But at least I don't fly out until tomorrow.
--the BB


DianeNM said...

Thank you, Paul, for capturing the small details of precious and sacred moments. Loved sharing a rare rainy New Mexico day with you and another special friend in the making. Good food, good wine, good conversation, and RAIN...what more could anyone ask for? (((Paul)))

Paul said...

After all those blessings, only a nap. And I did fall asleep in the chair after returning home.

Godde is good and so are my friends.

FranIAm said...

Looks and sounds oh so lovely.

Friends and food and love- life is sweet, no?

And rain?! Wow.

Jane R said...

Amen, and so are naps. :-)