Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eh bien, le voici!

The finished product.

Right now it is on the altar/table in the parlor/chapel. I just smudged it with sage and I now reek of the lovely scent. Atop the stole rest a 200-year-old diptych of the Archangel Michael and a sainted deacon whose name I do not know, the Blessed Sacrament, and the Oil of Healing. These may keep each other company through the night. In the morning I will ensconce it with tissues and place it in a totally tarty red spangly box with a purple ribbon.

Now that I have finished it, DP, the answer is, not at this time. I occasionally do this for love, I don't think money can entice me to go through this. I used a much stiffer interlining than I have ever used before and when turning it right-side-out went through the toils of the damned.

My mildly arthritic hands will tell me about it tomorrow.

In other creative news: I managed to write two more paragraphs for the novel today.

OK, self-centered indulgence has run amok.

Sweet dreams, puppies.
--the BB


Jane R said...


Jane R said...


+Maya Pavlova

Paul said...

Et les petits chats aussi, bien sûr.

I was saving the kittehs for another evening but I did not forget your gracious felinity. Mwah!

Jane R said...

Oh, she is being a pest, that +Maya. (She can't sign her name on the way your comment thingie is set up, by the way, so she usurped my identity in that comment heading.) I like being called a puppy just fine, as you saw. She just felt she had to chime in. Pay no attention. Arf.


susan s. said...

This is absolutely lovely. Did you seam all the different colors together, or were some of the narrower pieces ribbons that could be appliqued? In any case, everything goes together so well, honey. I guess it's true what they say.... ;-)

verification word? 'tredize' Could that be a word in any language? as in "The stole is tredize!"

FranIAm said...

Simply gorgeous - grace expressed in silk.

David said...

WOW Paul!

What a magnificent work of love and grace.

One of the things I most appreciate about what I konw of you is your passion for Life- embracing it 'with both hands' as the Russians say, and this stole bespeaks not only that passion and beauty of your spirit, but of your deep love of our Church.

Sounds like a pretty good definition of a living blessing to me.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful creation with us Paul.


Earthbound Spirit said...

C'est magnifique! This rivals the creations of an artist-friend of mine, who does create ordination stoles to order. Beautiful colors - I can only imagine it is even more stunning in person (so to speak).

Paul said...

Thanks, y'all.

Susan S., or as in "this was made by a tredize = très dizzy queen"?

I love putting colors together.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Paul, that is SUCH a lovely gift! You make me wish I could sew, just so that I could make something that lovely for Dear Friend...

Daniel is a lucky man---both to be called and to be so loved by others. May God bless him always.


Jane R said...

We hereby dub you the Duke of Dupioni!

Paul said...

Doxy, we might be able to work out something between us for DF. I need to do some notions shopping since I don't know where my hand needles are and I need a more appropriate interlining before I try another. Start thinking liturgical colors.

Padre Mickey said...

Beautiful, Paul, simply beautiful.
Youse sucha talented guy in so many areas!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

I had actually checked with one of our blogging buds, whom I've met and who is an enormously talented liturgical artist, about commissioning an Advent chausable for Dear Friend, since he doesn't have one (he uses his purple Lenten one)---but the price was out of my league. A stole would be a lovely alternative!