Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Progress report

I'm pretty sure Daniel does not read this blog, so I won't be giving any surprises away. (Now, if he googles his name....)

So, last night the cutting, tonight the piecing, tomorrow the assembling.

Here is the violet side with orphreys in sage, emerald, turquoise, and metallic robin's egg.

And here is the Holy Week red in two kinds of dark red, tomato, and deep indigo.

The photos at this stage show an unfinished product, wider than the finished stole will be (4 inches wide when done). It is a good thing Daniel is not short since I am making it in my standard length and it is modeled on one of my albs.

OK, bedtime (and a bit past)!

Sweet dreams cherubs.
--the BB


The Cunning Runt said...

Good Lord that's beautiful! You have a wonderful eye for color! I'm sure Daniel will be pleased. :)

FranIAm said...

Should I ever jump ship and then go down some ordination path (oh don't I sound ambitious this morning...) I am calling you.


Paul said...

Thanks. Putting colors together is one of my favorite things about sewing. And with silks one gets such wonderful, brilliant and subtle shades.

Paul said...

Fran, you're on!

Doorman-Priest said...

Do you take orders?

Jane R said...


P.S. Word verification is "yofil" - "yofi" means "great" or "wonderful" in modern Hebrew and has the same root as "beautiful!"

susankay said...

And Fran, I would SO come to that event -- although I think the set of RC Parish Secretaries being ordained TEC priests is quite small.

susankay said...

Oh -- and Paul, Daniel would have to google his full name otherwise he'd get pages and pages of many other D.G.'s -- just wanted to check for you (-;

And the verification workd is fredu -- my late husband was Fred.

Paul said...

Not very well, DP. I am a Taurus and respond very poorly to being ordered about.

Oh. Well, it is possible though I would be hard-pressed to find the time. I am a one-trick pony. 4" wide and lengths as specified up to about 108" (which is for tall folks like me); Dupioni silk in color combinations as suits my fancy, the primary liturgical color being specified. I don't shape them, angle them, or any fancy stuff. I occasionally plunge into all cotton for more informal and playful modes but mostly love the rich, intense colors possible with silk.

It would be good to use up the roughly $1000 of silk sitting in my atelier waiting to be made into something.

We can talk, but no promises.

Paul said...

Jane, I recognize the root from the Shir ha-Shirim:
Hinach yafa rayati eynayich kayonim.

Yes, I carry Hebrew love songs in my head, songs I danced to four decades and more ago.

Ah, you are beautiful, my love;
ah, you are beautiful;
your eyes are doves.
--SS 1.15

Paul said...

Susankay, I think we'd all hock our jewels to attend Fran's ordination. Just saying.