Friday, December 26, 2008

Heart thread - 12/26/2008

I just got this from my friend BJ in Oakland.
My dad had a stroke on Christmas eve morning. We don’t know the extent of the damage, but it looks like no bleeding in the brain. He was very lucky, Sarah was going to see him later in the am and she called while out shopping and he didn’t answer the phone. That is so unlike him that she went right over. He was disoriented and couldn’t look at her. She stayed strong and forced him to the hospital. We are taking turns staying with him, we will see what will be. At this point the doctor says rehab and then home…but he cannot live alone, he will need 7/24 someone with him. So, we will see. Will keep you posted. Keep us, ALL of us, in your prayers.

I know y'all are great prayer warriors (to borrow a phrase from my evangelical past), so thanks in advance.

Feel free to add your own prayer requests in comments.
--the BB


Jane R said...

Drawing my amazon bow of prayer...

Seriously, I am. As the daughter of aging parents I dread such a moment, and my prayers go out to your friend, her dad, and her family, and also to the caregivers in hospitals and homes who have such weighty responsibilities.

David said...


4217 human lives turned into killing machines!

When you page popped up I was literally staggered by the latest death total, and dreading the hard reality of your tribute.

And of course this figure bears no reflection of the number of civilians on the ground sacrificed to this insanity.

Don't the a-holes running this circus realize, their actions will not be without long-term consequences?

Aching, in tears, at a loss for words...


Paul said...

And so we pray for all the dead on all sides, for they are all victims of war, of the passions that drive war machines, of human folly and sin.

Then too we continue to strive for justice and peace, to undo the impulses to war.

Tears wash the soul and release our pain, mon ami. Pleure, pleure autant qu'il faut.

FranIAm said...

So many, many prayers!