Monday, December 22, 2008

No Tanya Baum this year

When I attempted to set up the artificial tree Saturday morning the stand would not open up to perpendicularity, the way it is supposed to. I tried repeatedly. Finally, with my awesome strength, I tugged and one leg moved. Well, actually it bent and snapped off at the top.

I finally returned it tonight. You can imagine that by the evening of December 22 there were no such trees left of any size. I got my money back but had to tell all the kids "no tree this year."

We didn't have one last year, so this is not a first (or second) but since I had gotten all their hopes up, well....

I resist Christmas rather mightily until it is actually upon us. I do savor the Twelve Days.

Saturday afternoon I sat at the computer selecting photos and printing notecards with photos of New Orleans and California. Then I assembled them in mixed sets and have begun tying them in satin ribbon. I have picked up some bookstore gift cards. But I have not sent any cards or wrapped anything yet, or run to the post office. Still trying to figure out what to get for my best bud.

All right, this September, while in California, I finally delivered presents I wrapped in December of 2006. Can you tell I hate packaging things and putting them in the mail?

Why God, in Her wisdom, did not make me a parent. Hopeless.

My ex and I used to exchange presents on Epiphany. So much more sensible and we got to take advantage of the "post"-Christmas sales.

The kids may be disappointed but so am I. I was looking forward to a tree again.

Thanks to Mimi for sharing her tree with us. It cheered me up this evening.
--the BB


David said...


wishing your heart all the lights and tinsel, shiny balls and crystal stars, snowmen and elves it can contain!

my late partner and I always exchanged gifts on the 27th- the feast of writers, and it had nothing to do with post Christmas sales. The Feast of St. John the Evangelist was the first day we could call our own after the demands of our respective large families and the stuff we always organized in the POZ community. Celebrating then, also recalled with real gratitude the years i was blessed to spend a month annually with the Canadian house of SSJE when it existed.

don't forget to take your camera out with you to Mass on Christmas Eve night Paul, we're expecting some memorable photos from you.


Paul said...

Thanks, David. I will try to remember the camera, though I cannot photograph the service while presiding, but I can get some pics of luminarias. My older camera was better for night photos than the current one, but I will try to get something for y'all.

Paul said...

PS: So you have been formed by association with the SSJE and I by the OHC. This Christmas I offer thanks for monastics and their impact on our lives. And remember the brethren of Mount Calvary and their way forward after the devastating fire.

David said...

brother Paul
i wasn't suggesting you flash your camera ( or anything else) during the Midnight Mass Liturgy- more thinking of keeping your eyes open for the wonder we're wishing you on your way to and from Mass. you do have a gift for showing NM in its best light



Paul said...

OK, David. I'll just flash my pearly whites and we'll keep it tame.

Thanks for the reminder to keep my eyes open. Christmas Eve in New Mexico is quite splendid. I plan to put my luminarias out later when entertaining. Tomorrow I will go from work to church and home again. Then out all day Christmas.

W declared Dec. 26 a federal holiday, so this means i have Friday off too. I think I will try to bake this weekend, and work on novel revision.

The Cunning Runt said...

Paul, in case I miss you, Merry Christmas. I hope it's a day of peace and love and conviction for you.

I'm somewhere between thanking Father Sun for turning around and drinking toasts to My Hero, Jesus of Nazareth. He certainly set the bar high for us meat-world beasties. :)

Paul said...

CR, I was rejoicing tonight as I drove home, looking at odd cloud configurations and approaching darkness, thinking, "The days are lengthening."

Wopila, Ate Wi!
Thank you, Father Sun!

May you have a very blessed Christmas, filled with the love of the people who matter most to you, the glories of creation, your radiant inner light, and great peace.

I wish this also to all.

Padre Mickey said...

When we lived in San José the entire family would head up into the Santa Cruz mountains to a tree farm and cut down our trees. We were living in a Victorian with 18' high ceilings, so we always got a huge tree.

We've used the same artificial tree for the nine Christmases here in Panamá. The "real" trees here come from Canada and are very dry and dangerous, and I just couldn't see any reason to encourage the deforestation of Canada, so we gots the plastic thing, which actually looks quite nice.

Feliz Navidad, hermano mio.

Paul said...

Y feliz Navidad a tí, hermano, y a la bella Mona y a todos los demás de la Parroquia San Cristobal.

Greetings from my kids to the whole Dance Party gang.