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Heart thread - 02/11/2009

From Susankay:
I would [like to update the] prayer request for my rector and his wife. She will have op for her breast cancer tomorrow and Andrew has asked for prayers.
Nicked from MP at OCICBW:
Posted by Roseann at

I really don't like my life right now. I do not make a good invalid. I am cranky, sad, bored, numb, angry, calm, sedate, patient, anxiety-ridden, happy, annoyed and all in the space of maybe 5 minutes.

It is just a tight rope and I am walking it the best I can. Getting the call that they saw something on the mammogram they didn't like just about did it. I did not handle this news with one iota of grace. I talked to 4 family/friends and got the advice to pray and meditate. Sorry but right now I am too busy being royally pissed off at the creator. Smite me o mighty smiter! And I swear to God if another person tells me the God won't give me more than I can handle, I will just never speak to them again. Seriously, lay off telling me to rely on God and pray, okay? The thing is God and I get along just fine. I'm just slouching towards Bethlehem and I do that imperfectly. I have moments when I feel as close as you can and moments when I am just not there with it at all.

I wish I was brave. I wish I was fearless. I wish I was well.

From David Austin Allen (Dah-veed):

I had an unfortunate accident yesterday and tripped over a curbing while stepping back from having loaded groceries into a taxi yesterday afternoon. I badly wrenched my left foot and fell down in the street. Now I have two fractures in the long bones of the small toe.

The doctor says it can only be taped up. No cast. The outside of my foot is black and blue, swollen and really sore. Plus a lot of general throbbing pain. Alternating ice and heat and an anti-inflammatory pain med helps some, but there just is no comfortable position right now. Plus my whole body is sore today from the fall.

I am also a bit afraid that in walking like a gimp that I will fall again and break something else. I am starting to feel really old at just 45!
Prayers requested by She Knows Who She Is and for her sweetie while waiting for further tests.

For the chap I talked to on the phone today who had to cancel a trip for surgery.

For Steph's mom - who attends Mass each morning and is full of faith but still has cancer - and for Steph who inherited a lot of her mom's faith but says she doesn't have quite so much.

And Maddie came down with the man flu again recently, so pray for Mrs. MP and the dogs.

Jane R gives thanks for prayers (but I think they need to keep coming).

The people and the critters of Australia, of course.
By Ed Johnson Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- The death toll from Australia’s deadliest bushfires may reach 300, officials said, as police probe whether the blaze in the worst-hit town of Marysville was lit deliberately.

Photo via FranIAm

May the holy angels guard them, Christ uphold them, the Spirit rise within them as Giver of life, Blessed Raphael bring healing from God's throne, and all the saints in heaven and on earth lift them up.
--the BB

For the people of Zimbabwe trying to survive so many challenges and work out some form of governance. President Robert Mugabe just swore in his rival Morgan Tsvangirai as PM.

For Israel and Palestine after the right-ward swing in the Israeli elections (G-d help us all).

For those killed in the Oklahoma tornado and those who must rebuild their lives.

For the people of Afghanistan:
By Jay Shankar and James Rupert Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration and the United Nations condemned Taliban suicide attacks on Afghan government buildings in central Kabul yesterday that killed 26 people....
For the people of Sri Lanka amid seemingly endless strife between the government and rebels.

For the people of Iraq:
BAGHDAD: Twin car bombings ripped through a Baghdad bus station killing 16 people yesterday, as violence across Iraq claimed at least 27 lives and shattered a relative lull marked by largely peaceful polls....

Please add your own intercessions and thanksgivings.

O Lord, I know not what to ask of thee; thou alone knowest what are my true needs. Thou lovest me more than I know how to love myself. Help me to see my real needs which are concealed from me. I dare not ask either a cross or consolation. I can only wait on thee. My heart is open to thee. Visit and help me for thy great mercy’s sake, strike me and heal me, cast me down and raise me up. I worship in silence thy holy will and thine inscrutable ways. I offer myself as a sacrifice to thee. I put all my trust in thee. I have no other desire than to fulfill thy will. Teach me how to pray, pray thou thyself in me. Amen.
—Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

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