Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tired bear - updated with photo

I've been wanting an excuse to use this photo
for the longest time. This post is not quite it,
but I don't know if I'm going to get any closer.

This morning I invited a friend who has been feeling down to come over for dinner. I was going to pick up some pork chops on the way home and make a nice meal with seasoned chops, green beans, pilaf.

But on the way home I heard the all-too-familiar thumpeta-thumpeta. A flat tire. My tires seem to attract nails and other hazards. Tonight, frankly, I don't even know what it was, only that after I drove on I-25 to a reasonably safe spot (next to an off ramp where no cars passed too closely, though they did pass at speeds probably averaging 70 mph) there would be no reasonable hope of salvaging the tire.

I worked the miniature jack as I have done so many times before, removed the tire, put on the doughnut (that's for all who think they are donuts). I had just finished this and was about to call my friend back when he drove up. It took him a while to negotiate the limited approaches and exits and drive all over to get to me. We then headed to Costco where I got a couple of new tires. While those were put on my chum and I had dinner at Sadie's on 4th Street. Oh, and margaritas on the rocks for starters.

So I just got home. We had dinner and visited but it was not the quiet dinner at home I envisioned.

Tired. Very tired.

--the BB


Ellie Finlay said...

I'm just glad you're safe, Paul!

Paul said...

Thank you, Ellie. You're a sweetie (though I worry about those scandalous jokes seemingly attributed to you).

Funny, I never worried about myself in all this. Perhaps because I have had numerous flat tires on freeways over the years. Not once has there been the slightest loss of control and I remain fairly calm. Then again, I have long assumed I don't have a guardian angel; I have a legion of them.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Must be something in the atmosphere... After my meeting at church last night, I drove two blocks before pulling over with a flat. In a not-great neighborhood - urban downtown, ok during the day, can be dicey at night. Fortunately, the committee chair saw me pull over & recruited help - who were unable to get the tire off. AAA came and had the tire off and doughnut on quickly (committee chair pulled her car up behind mine & we waited together for them). Guess what I'm doing on my day off (today)?

I, too, am glad you're safe Paul. I only hope your dinner companion was half as handsome as the fellow in the photo!

Paul said...

Oh dear, Earthbound, you too!? I am glad you are OK also - between the event and the locale. Best wishes for the adventures today.

My dinner companion was a good-looking very nice guy (thanks for the wish).

Jane R said...

Hugs to you, caro mio. Sorry to get to the blogs so late. Glad you had good company. :-)

susankay said...

I love the photo and am SO glad you are Ok. Also AMAZED that AAA actually responded to Earthbound. I only use them for the maps. Although I have called AAA many times they have never arrived within an hour and I have given up. Nice maps 'tho.