Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why I live where I do

Two unretouched photos from the drive home:

I stopped at the corner of Paseo del Volcán and Dennis Chávez and took some photos this evening.

This is the view looking east (the road home).

And this is looking west.

I love the wide open spaces. I hope the mesa is not developed while I'm here.


Yes, if you've been reading about the 11 bodies unearthed in the SW corner of Albuquerque they are being found just a mile west of me. Today my coworkers were looking at a photo at MSNBC where officers were searching and said, "Paul, we think we see a photo of your back door." Smart alecks.

Photo from MSNBC and most definitely NOT the back of my home

I live at the next main street east of there. Huge difference. Right? And the bodies were all buried BEFORE I moved here.

--the BB

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