Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Photo via DKos

Why do I usually catch major speeches and events after the fact, reading text or watching videos online when I have cable TV?

Why don't I post more on major items like President Obama's [and doesn't it feel good to type that, read that, hear that, say that, think about that?] speech tonight?

Well, I did plop down on the love seat, prop up my feet on the coffee table, and then crashed after the sugar rush subsequent to my glut on pancakes rich in butter, cream, and sour cream all swimming in more melted butter and maple syrup. I did wake up for the conclusion.

It is so nice to have an educated, eloquent person in the White House. Sigh.

Raise in pay for our service men and women and better health care and benefits for our vets - now who supports our troops? Not the goopers.

Somehow "America does not torture" sounds very different depending on who utters it. When spoken by someone with a long record of lying it rings, oh..., hollow. Tonight I could almost believe it. (Proof is in the pudding and I ain't gonna cut Obama slack on this one.)

Enjoy y'all's last bits of Carnaval, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday. Save some strength for turning back to life.
--the BB


Paul said...

And, may I add: It is so nice to see Vice President Biden instead of Darth Cheney. Oh my, it is so nice.

susan s. said...

Yeah, wasn't it? I loves me some Biden.