Friday, March 13, 2009

Forging ahead

In sheer number of pages I am past the halfway mark in revising the second novel that completes the story begun in the first one. In terms of real work to do, I suspect I am nearing the one-fourth or one-third mark.

The tale itself is a journey--the classic hero quest combined with Bildungsroman and touch of picaresque--but writing, revising, and revisiting constitute a journey also. I am having a good time, as I hope future readers will also.

It is interesting to note how detached I am this time around. When writing quite a few passages I wept, and wept reading them or thinking about them. This time I can read them dry-eyed. The reviews of book one from my critical readers are quite positive. Let's hope some publisher thinks the same!
--the BB


FranIAm said...

This is beautiful to read and not what I would file under silliness!

I love that you are detached in this stage of your work and I pray that the book finds a publisher and a market!

Paul said...

Thank you, Fran. And true, it is not silliness, but since my self-referential tag includes silliness I used it anyway (ironically in this case). The very first story out of which this series grew was pure silliness, so a grain of truth remains.