Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick update

The house I grew up in

Just got back from partying in Corrales. Lovely meal and lovely wines.

With so many people going through horrible crises it seems presumptuous to rattle on about my minor issues. Of course, it's never minor to the person whose issue it is.

The doctor seems encouraged by the state of my leg and I don't have to continue taking drugs for it. I can stop lying about with it propped up but I'm supposed to keep wearing the [numerous and highly colorful deleted expletives] support hose, which I hate, hate, hate. (Ladies, rise up now and burn all your panty hose; it's not worth it!) We are moving ahead on other health fronts (such as an MRI on the knee that seems to be a mess of arthritis and possibly loose cartilage that always feels as though it goes in seven directions when I try movement with resistance). As my mother always said: growing old isn't for sissies.

Thanks for so many prayers and well wishes. Y'all are the best.

I'll try to catch up tomorrow (and I have at least a couple of new photos).

The pic above was taken on the California road trip. Why not indulge a bit of nostalgia after a family evening (even if it's my ex's family, it's still family)?
--the BB


Sara said...

It's good that you're improving. I agree, not for sissies. It seems like just yesterday that I could get out of bed with out pain.

Not to worry, quit wearing hose years ago unless it's for keeping warm! Like when it decides to snow at Easter.

A party in Corrales makes me just a wee bit homesick. We used to live just up the hill in RR.:sigh: Okay, I'm over it. I'm making green chile enchiladas for a party tomorrow. Viva New Mexico!

Paul said...

Sara, it's nice to think of a bit of New Mexico in Chengdu! Have a wonderful party.

Padre Mickey said...

Now THAT is a Central Valley house!

it's margaret said...

Burned the hose and the bra a long time ago!

And I am very glad you are feeling better. Prayers continue for your healing.

susan s. said...

Sorry you have to wear the support thingies. Be glad you don't have a hernia!

Movement with resistance? That's what I call walking, going up and down stairs, getting out of chairs, etc. Surely you are not doing weight work with knees like that!

Paul said...

I live in a two-story house and I also take the stairs at work (to the 2nd floor), so I do carry my considerable self up and down many times a day. It was noticing at the gym that I could do very little with my right knee that has led to my getting an MRI on it next week. It was injured 7 years ago and I think the longer-term effects are becoming manifest.

I rejoice to say my leg is much better today.