Wednesday, April 08, 2009


After Elizabeth's rant on violent language I have abandoned a certain graphic involving vinegar. Tonight I am chafing at this discipline.

Senator Inhofe (Asshole - OK) fretted today:
President Obama’s budget, the largest in the history of America, triples the public debt in 10 years, funding every welfare program imaginable, but cuts funding for our troops in the field during an ongoing war.

Actually, Obama's budget for the Pentagon puts more emphasis on the troops and is $21 BILLION more than the last Bush Pentagon budget. Hardly a cut.

What a lying asshat. I wish the media would put a huge chyron on the screen saying "THIS IS A LIE" when they play crap like this.

May he rot in a bad place. (This, for me, is toning down the violent language, OK?)

--the BB


MadPriest said...

And if I read anymore "Casting into the furnace of fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth," I will report the culprit to Elizabeth.

Paul said...

That was close, then. I did back off from the "may he burn in hell" line and left it to rotting, presumably in this life.

Heaven only knows what would happen to me if I were turned over to EK.