Friday, April 10, 2009

Still working the alliances

Well, I've sorted out the claimants to the Lion Throne, and there are plenty of them, all rather young. There are a few in one family that may well have the best claim but only one in that branch has royal blood from the southern islands through his father - always good to impress those who pay any attention to the concept of aristocracy. [Rolls eyes.]

If, perchance, you are one of the 40% of all my visitors who still come here because of prince blogging, you should know that I am talking about my fantasy fiction here. You need not google any of this stuff; it's all just in my head (and on a few disks).

Today I began playing with the geography and economy of the principality. These are, after all, always drivers in power plays.

All of which runs counter to the message of the Cross. But then, my fiction illustrates folly and wickedness aplenty or there would be little of interest, nicht Wahr?

Eh bien, au lit! Dieu vous bénisse.

--le BB

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