Saturday, April 18, 2009

A meet-up in Albuquerque

In this case it's not a blog chum but a high school classmate. Norma Smith is in town this weekend and we got to have lunch together with her friend Mandy, who publishes the Albuquerque Almanac.

Norma and I were in Mr. Amend's humanities class at Fresno High School. We met one other time since high school days, when she was visiting in Berkeley in the 80s. At that time she had been working at a newspaper in Managua, Nicaragua. Currently she lives in Oakland and works with The Edge of Each Other's Battles Project ("bringing together social justice academics with grassroots community-based projects to work collaboratively toward social change").

It was nice to do a bit of catching up. I wonder if anyone could begin to predict their life's journey. We have certainly had interesting times.

As for the photo, she says she brings out the halo in others. That must surely be the case because I know I wasn't dragging along any halo of my own today.

--the BB

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