Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dig and delve? Not so much.

I did not even weed and deadhead today, unless you count about four small tumbleweeds and a few rose hips. After the lovely brunch I got a late start in the yard. The lovely blue sky of the morning had become, in my part of town, an increasingly dark shade of gray. The wind had picked up, which makes photos tricky. My subjects would not stay still. Even so, here is the sharing from this afternoon, after I had watered everything.

Oops, I lied. These first two pics are from my bedroom window. Above is the view looking down to the northwest corner of the yard. You can see my three peach trees, tomatoes, coral roses, grapevine, magenta petunias interplanted with green beans, and the piñata rose bush.

This was the view toward the mesa at that time.

Arizona rose with Italian parsley peeking out beneath

Tournament of Roses rose

Another Tourneament of Roses rose fully opened

Sun Spray roses (blowing in the wind, thus not in focus)


Golden Showers rose

Iceberg rose with potato vine in the background

And that's today's yard tour. I am rather certain one of my tomatoes will not make it. If the other six produce I will be in an abundance. We shall see. Two have begun to bloom already. The two eggplants and the zucchini seem to be surviving. I have about six green bean plants that have made it. No fruit this year (nothing set because of the vagaries of blooming times, frosts, and winds), but some promise of vegetables. Oh, and the basil plants are happy.

I know these are very frequent updates with not much change but I am sharing my delight in beauty.

--the BB


The Cunning Runt said...

Paul, these are beautiful! I love the way you've interplanted your veggies and flowers. But...

Golden Showers roses?????:)

Paul said...

I buy them for the pretty pictures on the labels, not their names. I figure this slow-growing climber was named by either a kinkster or some sheltered naïf. I do feel awkward every time I identify it on here. Maybe i will switch to "another yellow one."