Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heart thread - 07/21/2009

From my friend Karen:
I visited with Sandra today. She seems to be ready to move from this plane of existence to another. She is such a dear, sweet and generous woman. It's painful for me to say but it's time to pray for her peaceful and dignified passing. Her husband, Ed, is having a very difficult time--knowing it's the best thing for Sandra but not ready to let go. Please include him and other loved ones in your prayers, too.

Many thanks for all you have done on Sandra's behalf. She told me today she is most grateful and reminded me that she needs all the prayers she can get! I love her so much and I miss her already.
For sisters struggling with bad news.

Bob's mother and father

Ruth and Michael


Don (RIP) and Stella
And please see the heart thread below.

Let us pray for health care for ALL people everywhere.

Litany to the God of Fire
O flaming Spirit of love,
we cry to you in the midst of the struggles of our lives!
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our anger and our rage.
Transform them into the power of your compassion.
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our fears.
Transform them into courage.
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our despair.
Transform it into hope.
O sacred fire, empower us!
Together we release our doubts.
Transform them into wisdom.
O sacred fire, empower us!
We offer you our broken sisterhood.
We offer you our broken brotherhood.
Help us remember the wholeness that you intended.
O God of fire, burn within us, heal us, strengthen us, remake us, empower us with your passion for justice! Amen.
—Victoria Walton

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--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

The Cunning Runt said...

It often seems the living have a harder time letting go than the dying; perhaps we should all take our cue from those who are going before.

My prayers, such as they are, are crossing the miles to be with Sandra and Ed, and with all who can use them (including you, Paul. You're brave, but being heartfelt is never painless.)