Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I wish we had more of this

By which I mean calling pundits to account for facts. One may have opinions but one must be held to facts. When someone bloviates and pollutes the media with things that are not true, that person's statements should be corrected. They may be sincerely held but incorrect beliefs, as opposed to intentional deceptions, but they should be debunked.

Rachel Maddow shows us all how it is done as she corrects the steaming pile of nonsense that Pat Buchanan dumped on her show the other day.

Maddow: It's not cool to talk about guests after their segment is over. It's also not fair to re-litigate these arguments in the absence of one of the parties who participated in the argument, and I will not try to do that now. But what I do feel obliged to do is to correct some of the things that were said in the course of my argument with Pat that were stated as fact, that were not true. I feel an obligation just to correct the factual record as we would with anything else that was stated as fact on this show that was not true.

I lifted the video and the quote by Dr. Maddow from Heather's post at Crooks and Liars. If you are not familiar with Crooks and Liars, check it out here.

Way to go, Rachel!

Newscasters and TV hosts, take note. This is how it's done. Now get off your lazy, dishonest asses and do it.

--the BB

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Rachel seriously rocks!