Monday, August 31, 2009

I gots a sore toof - updated

Going to the dentist tomorrow. A bit of sensitivity became an outright toothache yesterday, localized in one of my gold crowns. I didn't recall still having any nerves there but one loses track of root canals. Has not bothered me much today except when I chewed on my left side. I'm pretty brave about dentists, having had so many fillings as a child and braces from age 16 to 22. Nowadays damage comes mostly in the form of old fillings failing. To bed a bit early.

Today was just cleaning, x-rays, exam by dentist, fluoride coating, antibiotic shoved up my gums. Thursday I see the endodontist and next Wednesday the real dental work begins. It's tedious but necessary. I'll be fine but thanks for all who've prayed or sympathized. (The sore tooth, mercifully, is only at discomfort or very low level pain right now.)
--the BB


Brian R said...

I have the same problem, had so many fillings as a child there is not room for anymore. I only need to go to the dentist when one falls out. The last happened at a restaurant in Amiens, France in 2007. Fortunately it did not hurt and I lasted the week until I arrived home. My dentist was happy to have a more exotic explanation than usual. Hope it is not too traumatic.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, I'm so sorry. I know. What's under all the crowns? I forget, too. Prayers that the pain is not bad and that the dentist will make your tooth right tomorrow.

I'm not brave about the dentist. I still do the white-knuckle grip throughout the procedures, even the cleaning.

Love and blessings.

it's margaret said...

Oh, OUCH. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Paul said...

Thanks, everybody. There is almost no pain at this point but I am trying to head it off at the pass. I think the excitement will come with the visits where they really go at my mouth. This was just laying out the game plan.

Jane R said...

Oh, poor toofie! I just had a bit of work done and was told by my (very good) dentist that I have to get a crown. My first! And boy does it cost a lot of money. I have dental insurance (thank you, Guilford College) but that still covers only half of a crown and how the hell am I supposed to come up with $550?! Yeesh. Good luck with the toof and may your dentist have really, really good drugs. Did I say that?

Paul said...

I have two crowns already and about to get two more. Fortunately I have dental insurance.