Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tarahiki (Cicada) - updated

Update: If you have a problem with the embed, click on the YouTube link below.

I ran across this today at Crooks and Liars. Too cool! nonny mouse posted it, and I thank you. thecelticinme poasted it at YouTube, and I thank you.

Nonny tells us it is "an old Maori haka sung by New Zealand’s most famous soprano, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, with a dozen Maori back-up vocalists." The song is evidently over 300 years old and is here performed in a blend of traditional haka and symphonic orchestra. It's just way cool.

The following is from the YouTube post:
Footage taken from "Faith and Music" with a little editing.


E, pakia kia rite
E, ko te rite kia rite
E, takahia kia ngawari
E, torona kei waho
Hoki mai

E whakarongo ai au
Ki te tangi mai
A te manu nei,

A te tarakihi,
I te weheruatanga
o te po

Tara ra-ta kita kita
Tara ra-ta kita kita

Wiri o papa, towene, towene
Wiri o papa, towene, towene

Hope whai-a-ke
Turi whatia
Ei! Ei! Ha!


Clap in unison,
in unison, in unison.
Stamp your feet smoothly
Hands outstretched
then back.

I listen
to the cry
of this flying creature

of the cicada
in the middle
of the night.

Tara ra ta ki ta ki ta
.... (cicada noises)

Quivering rear end, whirring, whirring
Quivering rear end, whirring, whirring

Knees bent
hips swaying
Ei! Ei! Ha !

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

This is great! Dame Kiri gone native! Not a day too early.

Paul said...

It is great fun and beautiful. She does not even need to "go native" since she is Maori.

it's margaret said...

IT'S MY SONG!!!!!!!!!

it's margaret said...

Oh no!!! I can't hear it.... running to another computer to see if that is the prob....

Brian R said...

if you like Kiri, you may be interested in an interview on our Classic FM station on Wednesday 2nd. Contains some of her singing as well. Only remains online about 2 weeks. The MP3 download will not contain the music due to copyright but you can listen to real Player or Windows media version.

Paul said...

Thank you, Brian, I am listening to the interview right now.

it's margaret said...

Man --that's some ode to a bug!!!!! LOVE IT!! Thank you!

Ha, my word thingy is catfu. Yep!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I know she is...

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

BTW the word was "trilin" ;=)