Thursday, November 12, 2009

Privatizing national defense was never a good idea

Top executives at Blackwater Worldwide authorized secret payments of about $1 million to Iraqi officials that were intended to silence their criticism and buy their support after a September 2007 episode in which Blackwater security guards fatally shot 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad, according to former company officials.
As trifecta writes at Daily Kos:
The press was so bad in those two months following the massacre, that Blackwater had to act. They didn't reform, they hatched bribery plots, trying to find Iraqi officials who cared more about a nice cash payout than justice for the seventeen dead citizens that they were elected to represent.

The story is just crossing the wires. Let's just hope this doesn't get diverted to Joe Lieberman's Subcommittee and the truth shall come out. These folks need to go to prison, starting at the rotten head at the top.

--the BB

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