Friday, December 18, 2009

O Tanya Baum!

I name all my Christmas trees Tanya so I can sing to them, "O Tanya Baum!"

Those who read this blog a year ago may recall that I bought my first artificial tree then discovered that it was defective and had to return it, late in the season with no replacements, thus ending up with no tree.

I got another one this week, not as splendiferous in stature and quality of false needles, but Tanya was swiftly assembled and illuminated and stands proudly in the living room. I still need to add the red glass balls and cookies but that is the accomplishment of the evening.

That and lying on the couch comme une pomme de terre and watching part of Rachel Maddow, sleeping through whatever was next, and ending with a mindless comedy. I needed to chill and have done so. And now, to bed.

By way of follow-up on office decor, I got the background landscape done for the Nativity scene today. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are there now along with several sheep. Monday I will add more vegetation, livestock, shepherds, and angel. There will be more photos next week.

¡Sweet dreams, my mischievous mapaches!

--the BB

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