Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Winter Wonderland" or "Kindergarten 101"

A wreath made from cutouts of all our hands.

As I said last evening, calls to the help desk are few this time of year.

Please note: no calls were neglected and we provided our own supplies for the following decorations. All this has been done between calls over the past two weeks.

A rare item not made by hand: the door Santa. Snowflakes and the three-dimensional star, however, were hand made.

By day's end our stockings were hung on the fireplace with care.

It is like working in a slow motion snow storm. The air currents make the snowflakes move gently. It is actually rather magical and is basically what got us going on this major kick.

The snow scene in the window. It started when I drew a snowman. Then a snowwoman. Then the snowchildren. Then the brick house and the walkway thereto. And I could not rest until the whole scene was sketched in. One deer is on the window wearing a pilgrim hat left over from Thanksgiving. Click to see detail. And then their are the reinducks (see below).

Small rubber ducks are handed out in the department as prizes for this and that. One of our coworkers used pipe cleaners to make antlers for nine of the ducks and put a red nose on one. VoilĂ : reinducks! Another colleague, realizing that ducks fly in V formations, arranged them thus and they now fly over our snow scene. On, Dasher! On, Dancer!

A gift-wrapped door. Yes, lots of paper chains were made also.

Although premature, we are ready for Kwanzaa.

And we have been keeping Chanukkah after our fashion. Every large flame has been put in place with the blessing in Hebrew recited aloud.

Over my desk, of course, is the Virgin of Guadalupe. Each rose drawn and colored and cut out.

Our corner of this three-section suite was looking a bit naked. Today three of us collaborated on this three-dimensional tree made of green wrapping paper. Notice the presents under the tree.

There is more to come but most of it is done now. Judging is next Tuesday. May I say this? We had better win!

I would also say this. We work well together and have had an enormous amount of fun doing this.


Michal Anne said...

I think the talents of this team are wasted on answering the phone! what a creative bunch, thanks for sharing

it's margaret said...

Like what Michal Anne said! Absolutely!!!

susankay said...

And to all a good night! Lovely.

The Cunning Runt said...

This is beyond delightful - and creative beyond words! I want you to know that finding you, though I don't quite remember how (through Fran, I think?) has been a real blessing, a Gift That Keeps On Giving, and a restorative to my faith in humanity.

I have no doubt that God was paying attention on the day you were born, and is much pleased with His work. ;)

In case I get busy (which I anticipate,) have a splendid and blessed Christmas, my friend. :)

Paul said...

Yes, Ralph, I am pretty sure it was Fran, bless her. You have no idea how much your photography and joy in the real, the simple, and the honest enrich my life. Thanks for the kind words and may your holidays be full of joy, love, health, and peace.

Ellie Finlay said...

Now that is a SERIOUSLY cool tree!!