Friday, January 15, 2010

Closing one trip to begin another

Catherine Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, Russia

I meant to do this last year and am finally doing it this year. Christmas present (yes, belated, of course) to BFF is an album of photos from our trip to Saint Petersburg in November 2004. I have printed 64 photos so far and probably have an equal number to go.

It is fun to revisit the trip, our second there. I hope there will be one more this side of glory.

This entails going through all the photos, taking advantage of the fact that one can adjust exposure and contrast (and occasionally saturation) to turn a so-so photo into one that is quite acceptable. Copying them into a folder to be printed. Moving them to the "printed" folder when they have been. Then trimming them with a paper cutter and putting them into the album in some kind of order.

A nice project for a long weekend. (Along with making my trademark spaghetti sauce tomorrow and having friends over for dinner, then preaching on Sunday.)

This is a form of closure on that trip. Today I submitted the passport application to go on the next one which is less than a month away. (Yes, cutting it way too close; let's not get into that story tonight.)

I am wondering how many photos I will take this time around. I think the first trip to Russia had about 185 photos and the second trip, of equal length, had about 370.

Alexandrinsky Theatre, Ostrovsky Square, St Petersburg

Russian birches

--the BB

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