Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heart thread - 01/14/2009 - updated

There is much on our hearts this evening. Let us pray.

For the people of Haiti, those who love them, those who hasten to their aid. For the dead and the dying, the injured, the homeless, the lost, the hungry. For food, water, medicine, communications, shelter, and human dignity. For enduring hope.

For George Wren, primary liaison between the agency I work through and the agency we work for, recuperating from triple bypass surgery today. From what we heard late in the afternoon it went well.
Update (1/15):
George is progressing very well. He’s eating (broth and jello), he’s sitting up
(about 3 times today), and mostly resting. He’s in pain, of course, but he also
has his sense of humor. He’s been told he’ll need to change his eating habits.
He told Beverly that he’d eat salad for the rest of his life to avoid going
through this again! As long as he can play golf, he’ll be happy!

For Don Brown, the husband of Deacon Ginny Brown, who passed away at his home surrounded by family. (submitted by Susankay)

For writers of theological tomes and other things (you know who you are).

For Pat Robertson (the avaricious, manipulative, unspeakably vile asshat) that he may turn from stupid twaddlemongering and a career of false prophecy to God's light that his twisted soul may be saved.

For the people of Uganda that they may be delivered from demagogues. For us in the States that we too may be delivered from demagogues. For the LGBT folk of Uganda that they may be delivered from oppression.

For Father Kenny's dad, for Übermilf and all who struggle with the world's sadness and their own, for Scout and Diane.

For Mark that Christ the Healer may touch him and the holy angels defend him.

For Myron, and Chris, and Frank, and Jim, and another Jim, and Ellie, and Ralph, and Steve.

For the upcoming episcopal elections in Alaska, Wyoming, and the Rio Grande. For our Standing Committee. For Fr. Tony taking on responsibility for Our Saviour. For all missions and church plants.

For my nephew, Glen Paul (we are both named for my father), whose 52nd birthday is today. Yes, that is not a recent photo.

For Lindy having her grand adventure in China that she may know she is loved and connected with us all, distance notwithstanding.

For John Bear entering a clinical trial and for Raven, his partner.

For Fr. Herb Robbins, the retired Rector of Artesia, who has been dealing with bladder cancer and is having another surgical procedure on Monday, January 18.

For Father Raymond Raney. He is scheduled to have surgery in the coming week and then will spend an additional week or so at home recovering.

For Mother Sandra's continuing recovery.

For deep, uninterrupted, restorative sleep for Margaret.

For Chuck and Gary and any and all others getting over colds or other crud.

Now that certified copies (yes, plural so the only one does not get misplaced) of my birth certificate have FINALLY arrived from the sad state of California (it only took MONTHS), I can apply tomorrow for a passport. This means I should be able to go on the trip scheduled for 3.5 weeks from now. Yeah, cutting it close. We DID take out insurance in case we needed to cancel for any reason and fully expected to cancel it next week. I guess it's time to start playing the Turkish CDs again. Fearing / assuming this trip might not take place on schedule, we have not been preparing as we ought. In the light of everything above, mentioning this seems petty, but God is God of great and small, so a few prayers for my passport, final preparations, and the trip would also be appreciated.

--the BB


susan s. said...

Prayers for all people and conditions.

it's margaret said...

Prayers for all.

Prayers for your preparations for travel.

And, thank you --I did sleep. Soundly. and Completely.

Blessings dear brother.

My wv: chesher
I am not a cat person. But I am grinning.

Paul said...

Glad you got some sleep, Margaret. I slept well last night too.

David@Montreal said...

one right after another

Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending for all!