Thursday, January 21, 2010

Possible murders at Gitmo - don't gloss them over

The Rude Pundit
puts it out there:
Torture and Murder at Gitmo: A Risky Political Opportunity If Obama Is Willing to Take It:
The Rude Pundit has said it before, and he'll keep saying it: the Obama administration's failure to investigate and prosecute the crimes of the Bush administration will lead to its downfall. You wanna establish moral authority to "change the tone" in Washington? Then adhere to some goddamned moral code. The laws of the land are a good place to start. As so many members of yer progressive punditry are saying, Barack Obama has to make Bush and the Republicans own the crises we are now in. And one way to do that is to reveal the extent that the United States under Bush tortured innocent people. It's ugly, and it's awful, but, hell, most violent crimes are.

So far the Obama administration has backpedaled on anything resembling holding the Bush crime group accountable. Which suggests Obama may preach rule of law but doesn't really believe in it. Political reality, you say? I offer this political reality: if you eschew the integrity of the law you have no lasting political future.

"Bush did horrible things," the observers in the future will say, "but Obama did nothing about it. The U.S. presidency is corrupt, though and through, devoid of moral principle."
As you read Horton's piece, you eventually get through the violence and the cover-up (as suicides, called "a good P.R. move" by an assistant secretary of state) to the stomach-churning section where, it seems, the Justice Department of the Obama administration is refusing to investigate the case in more than a cursory way. Why? More than likely because of fear of wrecking bipartisanship and ruining that oh-so-precious comity in Congress, under the notion of always "looking forward, not backward." Which sounds so Cheneyesque that it's even more nauseating than the Republican crowing over Scott Brown's victory lap.

I have seen pursuit of consensus paralyze churches. We are watching pursuit of comity destroy the Obama presidency.

--the BB


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

A Nürnberg! a Nürnberg!

Grandmère Mimi said...

...if you eschew the integrity of the law you have no lasting political future.


And what bi-partisanship? The strategy of pursuing Olympia Snowe with this compromise and that compromise and, in the end, she says no?