Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I stopped at REI on the way home tonight and picked up some shirts. I have scores of shirts, all in cotton, but these are unnatural shirts that can be washed and hung up to dry overnight: in other words, shirts for travel that do not entail taking an entire wardrobe with me. (Touching them makes my flesh crawl, I have to say. God never meant such fabrics to exist. Be sure to alert Pat Robertson that I made a pact with the devil tonight in order to travel lightly.) Other items as well. Working on the list of all I need to take on the trip, thinking about how to keep it to a minimum.

A nap is calling and I feel +Maya urging me to heed the call.

--the BB


The Cunning Runt said...

Low-maintenance shirts + purring kitty = guilt-free nap time!


Paul said...

And a lovely nap it was. Now it's time to go to bed for real. Or, as my mother would say, it's time to "wake up and die right."

Jane R said...

+Maya lept into the linen closet (usually closed) in a split second before I left town a few days ago and the cat sitters found her there 24 hours later, OWWWW!! I have to go to confession! She's fine but I feel guilty.

There was much napping before and after. Actually if she can get in, she loves napping in the linen closet. Which is why I keep it closed.

Keep napping, Padre Pablito.

Word verification: diptski

Example of usage: "Scott Brown is a real diptski."

P.S. Thanks so much for the prayers for my Mama.

Paul said...

I am sure the canon will be sternly lectured on return. Or maybe just velcroed. Poor baby. Then again, there are worse places to be.

I am trying to get to bed earlier so I will be rested when I leave, which is not until 9 February. I see we are at 30 degrees F. in Cappadocia at the moment. Then again, it's 32 in ABQ right now. And we had lots of rain and wind last night, snow on the Sandias.

Yes, Sen.-elect Brown is a total diptski.

Had a CD of beginning Turkish playing in the background this evening. Not feeling very motivated on this one. I'd rather brush up my Russian than learn this one.

May all turn out well for your Mama.