Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today - updated

I ache all over right now but we have made huge progress. Part one of my Christmas present is a day of helping me organize. The south side of the garage now is lined with shelves holding boxes in a semblance of order. The recycling bin is full of papers tossed out today (going back for decades). The garbage can is almost full. A third bin is about half full of shredded paper, old financial records no longer needed, ancient canceled checks, etc.

My BFF just cleaned up part of my bathroom, has vacuumed and mopped, scrubbed stuff off the kitchen floor on his knees (you can't get help like that anymore).

We also made a Costco run so I could buy something I could never handle by myself: an eight-foot workbench. We will assemble it another day but we got it from Costco to my garage where it will sit. This is primal stuff. I am nobody's idea of a handyman but my father and his father before him were. I have always wanted a work bench for mostly non-existent projects. Still, it's part of a sense of getting the garage in order and now I will have one place for my tools.

The compote is simmering and after my shower I shall make the sou boereg triangles. Dinner is soon to happen!

Oh, and a case of wine arrived this week.

I intend to have a good year.


The menu

Two bottles of sparkling wine for all the rest, two Añejo and Diet Pepsis for me
Crab cakes with an orange zest vinaigrette
Sou boereg (triangles of buttered phyllo dough filled with Muenster cheese, egg, and flat-leaf parsley)

Alsatian Gewürztraminer
Pepper crusted ham
Compote of apples, pears, orange-infused cranberries, wild blueberries, brandy, butter, and Grand Marnier
Baked garnet yams with butter
Honey and balsamic glazed beets
broccolini with toasted almond slivers

Hearts of romaine with blue cheese and oil and vinegar

Reine de Saba cake and coffee

--the BB


susan s. said...

So when will you and BFF be coming to Berkeley to help me with my carpet cleaning? Oh and the Kitchen floor needs a good cleaning!!!

The word thingie word is 'supeer' as in
It would be supeer if y'all came up sometime!

Paul said...

Oh, Susan, you SO don't want me involved in your house cleaning. Why do you thing BFF takes pity on me? He described that upstairs as looking like a shit bomb had exploded. Crap everywhere.

I am the most blessed ex in the world, let me tell you.

Michal Anne said...

You will be surprised at how handy a workbench is! Of course, I am not all that handy either, but as a dyke have always had a workbench (you have to have one...) I have found that the key is keeping it organized.

Paul said...

In my fantasy world right behind it is a pegboard with tools in their assigned places. I am now going to get a medium sized tool chest. My little tool box is no longer up to the task. I can also hardly wait to get a vise.

Yes, people, I have plenty of vices. Pay attention to orthography now.

Michal Anne said...

Vises are handy (no pun intended). I once had a workbench with the tools outlined and everything in its place. For one brief, shining moment it was a true work or organizational art!

Paul said...

I'm pretty good at conceptual organizing and totally suck at actually doing it. (When intuitives run amok)

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The recipe sounds delicions!