Monday, February 22, 2010

Heart thread - 02/22/2010 (new)

This evening let us remember Cathy. She wrote this to Mimi:
Mimi, this is nowt to do with your Lenten reflections, but could I please post a prayer request here? ... I have an interview tomorrow first thing for a six-month contract where I work (I am currently freelance). I wouldn't mind people's prayers for it, is the thing.
My friend Bruce is home from the hospital. There is no infection in the bone but the infection in his foot may take another four to six weeks of healing.

Mother Rhonda writes:
I just had a quick conversation with our dear deacon [Karly], and she and Gordon are on the way to the hospital for tests on his heart. Please keep them both in special prayers.
Tad continues to recuperate from surgery in both knees and could surely use some more prayers.

Jane R's mother continues to recover.

George also continues to recover from his bypass surgery.

Let us continue to remember those whose health or well-being are threatened by weather, especially those lacking shelter, or heat, or health care.

I am mindful especially of my indigenous sisters and brothers suffering from lack of heat. A netroots drive is on to provide them with fuel. I donated some a couple of weeks ago and hope I can donate a week's propane to a family this week. You can read about it here.

Let us also remember the people of Haiti and the ongoing need to heal and rebuild the nation.

Ed Hughes (not the Ed Hughes I know locally who is a member of St Michael and All Angels) died last Saturday. Many of my colleagues worked with him. He has two teenage sons, Greyson and Colton. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. May the boys and all who love him find comfort.

Fluffy/Eileen has a head cold.

The Diocese of Virginia could use some prayer. Props to Margaret for never forgetting the Gospel. Prayers for all those freshly crucified.

Thanks for prayers for me, though my situation is pretty tame. I am experiencing no pain in the tooth and see the dentist on Wednesday afternoon for assessment. I am sure this will mean a crown, and I am hoping it was one of the teeth they were planning to crown anyway. I did not have the heart to tell the friend who said on Facebook that now I will have a CROWN that, in fact, I already have two of them, which is why the corner of my smile in photos has a glint to it.

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