Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why I love where I live (an ongoing series)

Sandias at evening
(from the Costco parking lot)

Manzanos Mountains
(viewed from about 2 blocks north of my house
on the way home from brunch today)

Mountain panorama

--the BB


susankay said...

yes -- they are so very fine. One problem I sometimes have with our house in Albuquerque is that it doesn't have the views you show. From our house we have less of the space you show from your house.

New Mexico is about horizons.

Paul said...

The view from my house is also confined. I see mountains over the rooftops, barely, if I look out the east windows at an angle. From my bedroom window I see the mesa over the rooftops. These shots are in a spot where development has not yet happened. If the economy in the construction trades had not come to a virtual halt this view would be on its way out already.