Saturday, June 12, 2010

Progresso - it's not just a soup

OK, I just cleared books off the comfy chair in the library (which looks like a bookstore explosion - books scattered everywhere in addition to ranged on shelves), sat down, and read the first chapter of Mark out loud in Italian.

I am sure there were numerous errors of pronunciation but I'm guessing 80% was correct enough. I had my new dictionary at hand but did not bother opening it. The text is too familiar not to know what is being said. Verb forms, prepositional phrases, and fine-tuning of vocabulary will come later, but it was a pleasant exercise. I shall let that suffice for self-assigned "homework" today.

The lavender is another shot from this evening (and because I believe you can never have too much lavender). In the yard are French, Spanish, and English lavender. Several new little plants of French lavender were put in along the south border this year. They are still quite small but that is how the lovely bush in the photo above began. I trust that in three years there will be masses of it.

It may be my favorite thing to water on a warm day because a moist scent of lavender rises in the air to refresh body and spirit. It is always gentle, never overwhelming. Ahhhhhhhh. This is true even watering just the greenery, before blossoms appear.

Sweet dreams, chipmunks.

--the BB

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